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Five Fabulous Family “Fun-tivities” for Summer, 2015
  Am I alone when I think I am going to have all the time in the world to do all the most fabulous things with my family?  I always believe that I will barbeque fabulous meals, see fabulous shows in the city, entertain fabulous friends, and all around RELAX.  But that never happens.  NEVER.  The kids simply do not relax….. they do the opposite of relax, they excite!  They get crazy!  They bore easily.  It’s a full time job making sure they are entertained!  Of course, Twin Oaks keeps them creatively occupied, physically challenged, and socially stimulated on weekdays but we, as parents, have those two EXTRA LONG 48 hours between camp weeks.  You know, the weekends…. This summer I am going to make sure that I have some fabulous “Fun-tivities” (that’s my new word for fun activities!!) planned.  I would love to do a few special things on the weekends with my two teens so that we can create the summertime memories that I recall from my own youth.  Here are a few suggestions: 1.     Plant a garden together.  Either plant flowers or vegetables, but plant them soon!  Planting in late May into June pretty much guarantees growth by summer’s end. 2.     Take a day trip to Fire Island.  Pack snacks and take an early morning ferry out of Bay Shore.  Walk around, shop, eat and leave.  It’s that simple! 3.     Sign up for a themed walking tour in New York City.  Popular ones with the preteens are always the dessert-themed walking tours! 4.     Visit one of the dozens of outdoor parks/activities on the island.  Adventureland, Splish Splash, Riverhead Aquarium, and Bayville Adventure Park are just a few. 5.     Take in a free concert at the Jones Beach boardwalk bandshell or down in Long Beach ( While these “Fun-tivities” may only provide a day or so of non-relaxing, exciting fun, rest assured that the memories will last FAR more than a day or two.  They will last a lifetime.

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