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Special days spent running, playing, swimming, and more

Under the warm summer sun.

Making new friends and enjoying time with the old

Marking each day with a smile.

Every day brings adventure and spiritedness that campers

Remember forever!
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Five Fabulous Summer Fun-tivities!
Five Fabulous Family “Fun-tivities” for Summer, 2015
  Am I alone when I think I am going to have all the time in the world to do all the most fabulous things with my family?  I always believe that I will barbeque fabulous meals, see fabulous shows in the city, entertain fabulous friends, and all around RELAX.  But that never happens.  NEVER.  The kids simply do not relax….. they do the opposite of relax, they excite!  They get crazy!  They bore easily.  It’s a full time job making sure they are entertained!  Of course, Twin Oaks keeps them creatively occupied, physically challenged, and socially stimulated on weekdays but we, as parents, have those two EXTRA LONG 48 hours between camp weeks.  You know, the weekends…. This summer I am going to make sure that I have some fabulous “Fun-tivities” (that’s my new word for fun activities!!) planned.  I would love to do a few special things on the weekends with my two teens so that we can create the summertime memories that I recall from my own youth.  Here are a few suggestions: 1.     Plant a garden together.  Either plant flowers or vegetables, but plant them soon!  Planting in late May into June pretty much guarantees growth by summer’s end. 2.     Take a day trip to Fire Island.  Pack snacks and take an early morning ferry out of Bay Shore.  Walk around, shop, eat and leave.  It’s that simple! 3.     Sign up for a themed walking tour in New York City.  Popular ones with the preteens are always the dessert-themed walking tours! 4.     Visit one of the dozens of outdoor parks/activities on the island.  Adventureland, Splish Splash, Riverhead Aquarium, and Bayville Adventure Park are just a few. 5.     Take in a free concert at the Jones Beach boardwalk bandshell or down in Long Beach ( While these “Fun-tivities” may only provide a day or so of non-relaxing, exciting fun, rest assured that the memories will last FAR more than a day or two.  They will last a lifetime.
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Why Camp Rocks…. and Why Your Kids Love It
by Miss Deena Studies have shown the many benefits of the summer camp experience.  Whether your child attends a day camp, a travel camp, sleep-away camp, or any organized summertime program, you are probably already well-aware of the positive gains your child garners from these programs. Some of the benefits of camp are skills development in all areas:  social, mental, and physical.  Children thrive in camp settings because they get to learn WHILE having an amazing time.  Often, children make new friends in the summer, building their self-confidence and their self-esteem. Camp fosters a feeling of community and belonging. Children look forward to renewing their summer friendships year after year.  They enjoy the familiarity of the campgrounds, their recognition of the camp staff, and the laid-back vibe that the camp experience provides. Some of the many benefits include the following: Campers spend their days being physically active and enjoying the outdoors.  They swim, play sports, do fun activities, and spend their entire day with friends….. THAT ROCKS! Camp provides diverse activities that help teach children how to succeed in athletic and social situations.   Counselors are trained to nurture and support your kids.  Camp allows children to feel safe trying new things….. THAT ROCKS! Camp is the time for kids to unplug from the electronics.  They get their creative juices flowing again and re-connect with the non-virtual world…. THAT ROCKS! Camp provides decompression from the day-to-day, highly structured school environment.  There are no exams, no test prep, and no studying at camp…. THAT ROCKS! Camp gives kids the opportunity to experience camaraderie, cooperation, teamwork, and sportsmanship.  These are all skills that kids will use forever….. THAT ROCKS! Bottom line?  CAMP ROCKS because your children will reap benefits that will last them a lifetime… all the while they think they are just “having fun”.
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Welcome to our new Twin Oaks Day Camp website!
Welcome to our new Twin Oaks Day Camp website! We are so pleased to have a new place for you to see pictures, get information, and download forms. Our new site is just another way for us to reach out to you and keep you up-to-date on everything! Peruse our pages and discover what there is to see at Twin Oaks Day Camp! Meet our supervisory staff, browse the photographs, and check out our different camp options. As spring approaches, our excitement increases! When the first of the flowers poke their heads through the still cold ground, the anticipation for summer begins to grow as well. The trees fill in, the grass turns green, and we begin the process of rolling out another fun-filled, happy camping season! Feel free to drop a line to us anytime at if you’d like to comment on our new site. We welcome your feedback and your suggestions! Look for up-to-the-minute announcements, pertinent informational updates, and scheduling information on this page. Check out our Countdown to Camp on the home page and we will SEE YOU IN SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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