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Do you have a pre-camp orientation? Will my child meet their counselors before the start of camp?

At Twin Oaks, we invite parents and campers to our campgrounds prior to the first day of camp for an orientation. It is held two Saturdays before the first day of camp. At that time, parents and campers meet the group’s counselors, meet the other campers in the group, get to see where their bunk/cubbies will be, and take a tour of the camp.

What dates and sessions are available? What is the length of the day?

We have a variety of session options for all ages. Our full program runs for eight weeks but you can choose any 7, 6, 5, or 4 weeks to suit your needs. Our Barney program begins the second week of camp and runs for 7 weeks. The Barney program has two sessions to choose from: Monday/ Wednesday/ Friday or Tuesday/Thursday. We offer different options for the length of the day based on the age of your child (excluding Barneys). Options include:
Full Day (9 am – 4 pm)
Mini Day (10:30 am – 3pm)
Extended AM (9 am – 3 pm).

How will I know how my child is doing at camp?

Our Group Leaders call parents the first week of camp with how their child is doing. They will also call throughout the summer with updates. Additionally, our Division Supervisors also maintain contact with parents throughout the summer. We encourage parent communications and are always happy to speak to you when you call. Typically, you would leave a message and a Supervisor calls back shortly thereafter.

Why does my child have to wear a camp t-shirt every day? What are the dress requirements?

We provide every camper with one free t-shirt at the beginning of each summer, plus (an additional) special surprise t-shirt. We encourage the wearing of a Twin Oaks t-shirt daily because it provides campers with a true sense of unity, a family spirit, and a camp-wide sense of pride. Campers love to “bling out” their shirts, tie-dye them, and get creative with them. Our one caveat is that we ask that parents do NOT add beads to their child’s camp shirts as they pose a choking hazard to our youngest campers. Our dress code is simply a Twin Oaks shirt, shorts, socks and sneakers, and a smile!

If I have an emergency, can you take my child home to an alternate location? Can my child go home on a play date from the bus?

Absolutely! We will always do our best to accommodate an emergency! Call us as soon as possible so we can work it out and put you at ease. Your camper can go home with another camper as long as there is an available seat on the bus for your child. Any and all changes in transportation must be made through the office (623-4550) and NOT via the bus driver. In order for a change to be made, the request must be made by the parent, either by phone or with a note. ALL CHANGES in transportation must be in the office by 2:00 pm. We do not offer changes in transportation during the first week of camp.

Is there any variation to the camp day in addition to the daily schedule?

Our Lower Camp groups have a diversified schedule on campgrounds. We have many special events in which they partake and we bring in an array of entertainers based on our Special Events Calendar. Upper campers also enjoy the various activities on our Special Events Calendar. The older groups in Upper Camp travel (via staffed buses) to off-grounds activities twice or three times a week.

How long will my child be on the bus traveling to and from camp?

The bus ride to and from camp is truly a fun experience for your children and is an anticipated part of their day. Our mature bus drivers and their friendly, engaging bus counselors ensure the campers have an enjoyable ride to and from camp. For our local campers, the rides do not typically exceed 35 minutes in total for the first camper picked up or the last camper dropped off. For campers transported from towns further away, we do not typically exceed 45 minutes. All of our buses are air-conditioned and we provide car seats as needed.

Do you have any Parent Visiting Days?

We have a Parent Visiting Day for Lower Camp that is scheduled towards the end of July. It runs during the camp day. This gives parents a chance to watch their child interact with their counselors and other campers within the camp setting. Our Parent Visiting Day for Upper Camp is held after hours, again towards the end of July. Campers show off the skills they’ve learned, the crafts they’ve made, and provide their parents with some entertainment. It’s a blast!

Do you have any medical services at Twin Oaks?

We have a fully staffed, air-conditioned, two-bed medical facility at Twin Oaks. The staff consists of RN’s, EMS technicians, and nursing assistants to care for the children all summer.

My child has severe allergies. Can you accommodate this?

We are ready, willing, and able to accommodate campers with most types of allergies. Our medical staff keeps abreast of each camper’s specific need and continually monitors their well-being throughout the summer. We keep in constant communication with the parents and work as a team to ensure your child’s safety. Our medical staff is well trained on various treatments that may be needed, such as Epi-Pen administration, diabetes monitoring and care, and various respiratory issues requiring the use of a nebulizer (such as asthma). Twin Oaks strives to maintain a peanut / tree-nut free environment. We do not allow the bringing in of any peanut / tree-nut products or any products made in facilities that process peanut or tree-nut products. We also accommodate all special dietary needs, including gluten-free, kosher, dairy-free, and others.

What are the security protocols in place to ensure that my child is safe on grounds?

Our campgrounds are fully fenced in with two main entry/exits that are manned all day. Visitors must be buzzed in and then sign in before gaining access to the campgrounds. Both the front and the rear entry points are under camera surveillance and monitored in the main office. Additionally, camera surveillance is used throughout the grounds and children are always supervised.

Do you have a tipping policy?

Twin Oaks maintains the philosophy that tipping is optional. Over the years, however, many parents have inquired as to what we would recommend as tips for the counselors. For this reason, we always send home an email with our suggested tipping amounts for your consideration.

Does Twin Oaks participate in Color War?

During the last week of summer, Twin Oaks holds a friendly, thematic Color War. Our teams are always blue and green. We create kid-friendly competitions, relays, scavenger hunts, and contests to earn daily points. . This is always a fun time and we love to see the sportsmanship between teams and the teamwork between campers.

Can you accommodate our summer vacation plans?

Of course! We are very flexible with the weeks you choose for your child. We are happy to accommodate you with whichever week you need off.

Can you provide private swim lessons?

Our Red Cross certified lifeguards provide private swim lessons every day after camp. A sign up form is sent home with your camper’s information packet prior to the start of camp. A standing weekly appointment is set for your child’s lesson, based on availability. Swim lessons are an additional cost. You must be available for the swim lesson to provide transportation home as we do not have bus transportation after the lesson.

My child receives services in the summer. Can he receive services on campgrounds?

We can absolutely accommodate any services your child receives in the summer. The therapist can work with your child on grounds, at a predetermined time. We can easily set this up directly with the therapist.

Do you have a policy regarding cell phone usage by campers?

We discourage the use of cell phones by our campers. We understand that many parents want their children to have cell phones with them at all times, however, we prefer that the children interact with their peers and their counselors rather than use their cell phones. We cannot be responsible for the loss or destruction of any cell phones.

Do you have Early Drop Off or Late Pickup?

We can provide care for your child both before and after camp. Our early morning drop off begins at 7:00 am and our late pickup is until 5:30. There is no additional charge for this service. We make this accommodation in lieu of daily bus transportation for our parents.

Does Twin Oaks provide tutoring services in the summer?

We have a certified teacher available for private tutoring for an additional fee. This service is set up through the teacher directly. We send home her information with the pre-camp packet. Feel free to call us for more information.